Don rittner


The guy with the hat. Amazing how we get to be pack rats!  I suppose that is one reason why I am a historian. I can’t throw out anything that I own!  That includes many memories, so I decided - at the urge of my friend Guy Spataford - to put it all on a Web site.

I have a fear of being bored so in my short few years on the planet I have been a rock drummer, an archeologist, a historian, author, newspaper columnist, publisher, an actor, a college teacher, producer and radio & TV host, a pain in the ass to a few and a good friend to many.


A Place for me to put all my stuff!

A simple Chinese saying that I live by:


They ignore you.


They attack you.


You win!

A Don saying that I live by:

I may not know everything, but I’m working on it!